Philips Juicer HL7566/00, 500 Watts (Deep Azure)


A powerful 500W juicer that is easy to assemble with a dual locking system. An aesthetically appealing compact body that comes with a unique cutter sieve for efficient juicing and a full round chute for easy feeding.Powerful 500W motor Easy to assemble with dual locking system, Stable and safe operation nique cutter sieve for efficient juicing 4-Aesthetically appealing compact body U5-Full Round chute for easy feeding Easy maintenance and care 2 year product warranty

  • Product Code: Philips Juicer HL7566/00, (Deep Azure)
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Philips Daily Collection Juicer 500 Watts - HL7566/00

Powerful 500W motor The new Juicer is powered by a 500W motor that helps in easy juicing of a wide range of fruits, vegetables, and herbs in a quick time.

Easy to assemble with dual locking system
Easy to assemble process - 1) Place the juicer jar with locks on the base unit 2) Press the cutter sieve on the coupler and push it down firmly 3) Secure the locks on the lid and enjoy juicing

Unique cutter sieve for efficient juicing
The specially designed sieve supports efficient juicing and filtering of seeds. It gives you maximum juice with minimum wastage.

Full Round chute for easy feeding
The Juicer has a full round feeding tube which allows you to put bigger chunks of fruits and vegetables in one go and saves you from the hassle of cutting it into smaller chunks before feeding. This makes your juicing faster and effortless.

Easy maintenance and care
The Juicer body is designed with fewer grooves and smooth edges to facilitate easy cleaning. This is further eased owing to a detachable spout, and fewer parts, and attachments, thus making juicing a delightful experience.

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